The Waverly Holiday Tournament is one of the oldest and most successful holiday tournaments in the State of Ilinois.  Located in West Central Illinois, Waverly High School has been host to 15 area schools, each of whom is contiguous to another, on a continuous basis since 1951.  Most of the teams competing this year have been a part of the Waverly tradition for 50 years or more.  The loyalty of the fans, schools, and communities make the four days of the Waverly Holiday Tournament some of the most exciting days of the year!
Website Updates
There have been some changes to the website for this year. Most of the changes are minor but should give you a smoother experience. Also, this years tournament will not be broadcast via webcam.
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1. Lutheran
2. Greenfield/NW
3. West Central
4. Kincaid
5. Auburn
6. Edinburg
7. North Mac
8. Athens
9. Triopia
10. Franklin
11. Pawnee
12. New Berlin
13. Tri City
14. Routt
15. Waverly
16. Morrisonville